Are you buying a new property or want to give your old home a check?
At Leading Building Services, we have a team of experienced and 
professional building inspections and pest inspectors who can check your building and
recommend the appropriate treatment based on the property’s specific condition.

    Your Local Expert Building and Pest Inspection Service

    At Leading Building Services, we are committed to taking care of our local
    community. We have a keen understanding of the area, are well-versed in all the local building laws. We also know what types of problems frequently plague residential and commercial buildings in Australia.

    We work with our clients to offer them high-quality, reliable, and long-lasting pest treatment methods and building maintenance methods.

    From single-family homes to commercial buildings to industrial factories. We are trained and well-equipped to handle all of your building and pest inspection needs.
    Our list of major services includes:
    • Building inspections
    • Auction property inspections
    • Timber pest inspection and treatment
    • Pre- and post-purchase inspection
    • Condition reporting
    • Pre-auction reports
    • Warranty building inspection
    • Staged building inspection
    • Pest control
    • Asbestos survey
    • Condition reporting

    Building Inspection

    Although your property might look well-maintained and in perfectly good condition. At first sight, it is important to get a professional building inspections’ expert opinion. Your paint or wallpaper may be hiding damage in the masonry or rot that could lead to thousands of dollars in damages if not treated on time

    Your property, whether it is a home or a commercial business. It is an expensive
    investment and we can help you protect it with our test and tag model. We look for any hidden defects and damages and find out how extensive they are. So that you can take the appropriate actions without wasting time.

    Our team is armed with cutting-edge equipment, including thermal and radar
    equipment. As well as ladders and torches so that they can effectively check for
    moisture, leaks, termites, and other issues inside your walls and building structure

    Pest Inspection

    Some pest inspection companies tap, drill, and even rip out your walls to find out where pests are nesting. Not only do these methods result in significant damage for the building owner. But they are not effective in finding out all the hidden areas where pests might nest.

    As professional Building inspections Services, we use state-of-the-art technology to root out pest-nesting areas without resorting to intrusive measures. We use various moisture, thermal, and radar technology. That can assess the condition inside your walls, ceilings, and floor without leaving a dent in them.

    All our inspectors are equipped and trained to use state-of-the-art pest detection technology. Also will pay attention to detail when inspecting every small area of your property for nesting spots.

    Condition Report

    What Our Client Say’s

    Rao Adnan
    Rao Adnan
    Sean does a very detailed inspection. His expert advice on the issues is based on his knowlegde and experience. He took extra time to explain his findings.
    Laura Barnett
    Laura Barnett
    I couldn't recommend Sean Khan more! We have used him for 2 inspections and he has been incredibly reliable, thorough and professional. He is so knowledgeable and willing to share this with his client. He gave us such great assurance with our purchases. I wouldn't use anyone else!
    Anne P
    Anne P
    My husband and I sought Sean’s expertise to conduct three building and pest reports this year. We found him very knowledgeable, detailed and practical in his advice. He was very approachable, friendly and down to earth. For anyone looking for their next property, he would be your biggest ally and counsel. Because of Sean, we were able to avoid a fear near misses!!! Highly recommend Sean and his services.
    Moz Mungkung
    Moz Mungkung
    Sean Khan was marvellous from initial contact and very easy to deal with from start to finish. He has great communication skills and kept me updated throughout the whole process. He was able to get our inspection done within the deadline, and had the report prepared and sent to me on the same day the inspection was completed. He was very thorough in his report and patient when explaining his feedback on his findings from the inspection. Sean is very detailed, professional and knowledgeable. Thank you Sean!
    bradley scott
    bradley scott
    I was very happy and impressed with the service that Sean provided. I got him to do a Pre-purchase building and termite inspection report. I found it to be thorough and he was also happy to provide further feedback. I would recommend his services.
    ashutosh singh jadon
    ashutosh singh jadon
    Sean has a unique experience of build history of the area and surroundings. I can say because he not only did flawless inspection of my new purchase and promptly find faults but also explained to me about the reasons behind and potential actions I can take. I highly recommend his services.
    robert zy “robwzy” Wang
    robert zy “robwzy” Wang
    excellent professional building and pest inspection, super detailed and very knowledgeable and precise, extensive coverage and video capture, very responsive and accommodating to tenant schedules
    Faizury Aguirre Valencia
    Faizury Aguirre Valencia
    I was very lucky to have Sean to do the building and pest inspection for us. Very professional, he organised the inspection the next day I contacted him and report was ready pretty fast. The report was very detailed and he was easy to contact for any enquiries. I am extremely happy with the service. Thanks a lot Sean.
    Utkarsh Agrawal
    Utkarsh Agrawal
    Sean helped us out with a building inspection. Best decision to book him in as he provided a balanced and detailed assessment of the property, and really helped us make an informed decision. You absolutely want him in your corner.
    Pritika Desai
    Pritika Desai
    We had Sean do a last minute building and pest inspection and report for us. Our original inspector cancelled and Sean worked with the real estate agent to get an inspection done the same night. We were extremely happy with Sean's service. He went through the whole house with us and explained the issues but also the positives. The report was clear and helped us make an informed decision at the end of the day. We got the report the same night as the inspection. The cost was very reasonable. We have had building inspections done for us in the past and this was the best so far. We highly recommend Sean's service.

    Why Choose Leading Building Inspection


    Building Inspectors

    We provide quality services from expert and Building inspectors who have years of experience in inspecting buildings. Our inspectors
    undergo regular training in the building industry and cover hundreds of elements. When inspecting your building and creating your report.


    Excellent Communication

    At Leading Building Services, we always keep our clients in the loop and keep their building needs in our mind. Our inspectors are always eager to answer all the questions that you may have. So that you can make
    an informed decision. When it comes to the future of your home or commercial property. To ensure you fully understand your building’s condition. We provide you with a comprehensive condition report on the very same day.


    Full Suite of Service

    We offer customized building inspection, pest inspection, warranty and professional building inspections, asbestos survey, condition reporting, and more. Our inspectors pay attention to detail and can root out issues that other building inspectors tend to overlook. Whether you are buying or selling a house or just want to know whether your commercial property is safe. We can provide you peace of mind when entering your building.


    Use of Modern Technology

    Our inspectors are armed with the latest moisture, radar, and thermal equipment. That helps them assess your building’s condition efficiently without using any intrusive methods.


    Competitive Pricing

    We offer one of the most competitive pricing models in the industry so that our services remain accessible to everyone. We do not charge any hidden fees or additional surcharges and our fee structure is transparent so you
    always know what you are paying for.

    Need a Property Inspection?

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