Buying property at auction is very different to other property purchases. The bidding process is public and if the hammer falls and you are the highest bidder, you must sign the contract right there and then. This means you must be sure you are bidding on a property that you can buy.

For Home Buyers, buying a property in Auction can be challenging. As there is competition between other prospective bidders. It is uncertain for buyers, whether bidding will be successful. Hence, Leading Building Services provides
comprehensive Inspection reports with a ‘Cash Back’ system. This allows buyers to buyers to not waste $$$ while looking for the right property

Building & Pest Inspection

1 Buyer $550

3 Buyers $220 60%-OFF Save$330

2 Buyers $330 40%-OFF Save $220

4 Buyers $165 70%-OFF Save$385

Strata Report

1 Buyer $277

3 Buyers $110 60%-OFF Save$167

2 Buyers $166 40%-OFF Save $111

4 Buyers $83 70%-OFF Save$193

First: Building & Pest Inspection Report with the following Icon

A building inspection is just one check buyer can get done before buying a property. It is sometimes referred to as a‘standard property report’he building inspection report is a written account of the property’s condition. It should include any significant building defects or problems such as rising damp, movement in the walls (cracking), safety hazards or a faulty roof, etc. It is usually
carried out before exchange of the sale

Second Section below: Strata Report with the following Icon:

Strata Search is required when buying a strata titled unit or townhouse, allowing to new owner to become shared owner of common areas within the property boundary. Such as shared driveway, hallway, swimming pool, lifts, laundry. Strata Report includes records about the unit/townhouse/villa buyer is purchasing. Such as Voting rights; structural defects; planned/previous major works; quarterly levies; sinking fund plan, strata insurance; by-laws; minutes of AGM/EGM (Annual General Meeting/Executive Committee Meetings

Selling a property can be challenging, arranging one or more ‘Open House’ inspection on Weekend & sometimes Weekdays. To assist a smooth sale, Leading Building Service is providing a Building & Pest/Strata Report identifying the current condition of the property. Creating interest for new prospective ‘Buyer(s)’ to make an offer or bid in Auction.

10k Reports

71% Success Report Rate

82% of Report Buyers Bid

Figures have shown that over 10k reports generate over the past years. There is 82% of cases created interest & bidders have initiated into a successful purchase. Auction Report assist bidders to purchase online & prepare themselves in the
decision making process

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