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What is a building inspection?

A building inspection is a property inspection that makes the owner aware of the physical condition of the building. The inspection helps clients make informed decisions about the repair and maintenance, selling, or purchase of a property.
Building inspections are also performed for insurance claims, risk management,
dispute resolution, compliance with building standards and codes, new construction
management, etc.

Who requires a building inspection?

At Leading Building Services, we offer our home inspection services to:
Home buyers and sellers
Residential property owners and investors
Commercial property owners and investors
Real estate agents and finance brokers
Property managers
Conveyancers and property lawyers

Why should you get a building inspection?

There are many important reasons why you need to get a building inspection:
A home inspection can make you aware of concealed defects
A home inspection will give you the right condition of the structure of your roof
Most property owners do not have the expertise or time to do their own home inspections
The findings of a home inspection are solid and accurate since they are backed by a professional indemnity insurance provision
They can help you to plan for repairs and renovations and estimate their costs
They can help you negotiate for the purchase or sale of the property
Should you get an inspection for a brand-new home?

A building inspection can generate a handover report for you, which will ensure that
your building does not have any substandard workmanship and that the builders are
not cutting corners during construction. It will ensure the building follows all safety
codes and is ready to move in.

How soon can you carry out an inspection?

At Leading Building Services, we take great pride in having a fast turnaround time.
We typically perform a home inspection within (insert time) of your request. We will
email you the inspection report within 7 days or less in urgent cases.

How do I get a quote for the inspection?

At Leading Building Services, we want you to have the most satisfactory experience
with us. You can contact our customer care centre at (insert phone number) to get a
ballpark estimate for the inspection of your property.
Do you offer any other building inspection services?

At Leading Business Inspection, we offer reports like:

Condition Report
Asbestos Testing
Handover Inspection Report
Pest Inspection and Treatment

What happens once I schedule an appointment with you?

Once you phone or email a request for a building inspection, our consultant will call
you back to find out the details of your property. We will then dispatch a Building
inspector to your home at the scheduled time, who will assess the condition of your home.
If, for some reason, you are unable to have your home inspected at the appointed
time, we advise you to call us to reschedule or cancel the appointment. For late
cancellations, we may charge a fee of $99.

Are building inspections the same in each state in Australia?

At Leading Building Services, we are your local building inspection experts when it
comes to rooting out major and minor building defects and pest problems and
offering recommendations to ensure they do not re-occur.

How expensive is it to have a building and pest inspection?
It is not expensive to have a building inspection. In fact, it is a small price to pay to
receive a solid assessment of the condition of a residential or commercial property
before you buy or sell it, and it can save you thousands of dollars, particularly if any
major structural issues are revealed.

Is your company licensed?

Leading Building Services is a fully Building and insured company that provides high
level of professional inspection services for residential and commercial buildings. All
our inspectors are insured and covered by an indemnity.
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