Refund and Cancellation Policy

When you opt for an inspection by Leading Building Services, our inspector will conduct a visual, non-invasive tag and test of your property. The inspector will perform his duty in accordance with the Standards Australia guidelines. The
inspector will not offer any opinion or advice on the purchase of the property, its potential use, or its value. If our inspector is summoned to provide testimony in court because of an inspection, additional fees may be charged, in addition to incurred charges.

Cancellation Policy

At Leading Building Services, we understand that situations can change quickly when it comes to buying, renting, or selling a property. As such, you may need to cancel or reschedule your property inspection.

It may be possible to cancel your inspection if it has not been performed yet.

You may cancel your inspection at any time by calling us or sending us a
written notice before (insert timing) of the business day before your
inspection has been scheduled. If you request your inspection be cancelled in
accordance with the policy, you will be provided with a full refund to your
bank account. It will take us (insert number of days) business days to process
your refund.

If you cancel your inspection after (insert timing) of the business day before
your inspection, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of (add
fee). This amount is not arbitrary but is a pre-estimate of the loss we will
suffer as a result of the cancelled inspection appointment. We will issue the
invoice for the cancellation fee at the time of the cancellation, with payment
due within (insert number of days) after the date of the invoice.
Refund Policy
At Leading Building Services, we want to ensure 100 percent satisfaction of our

Refund Policy

At Leading Building Services, we want to ensure 100 percent satisfaction of our customers. Payments for any services rendered are due at the time of inspection

However, we acknowledge that there might be some circumstances that may warrant the client asking for a refund fee.

If the client is not satisfied with our servicesLeading Building Services, we might refund the amount paid for those services in some cases. For example, you may ask for a refund if you provide us with the invoice of another home inspection company that inspected your home after us and the reason why you were not satisfied with
our service.

It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure access to the properties is provided to our inspector and that all utilities are turned on at the time of the inspection.

Contact Us

At Leading Building Services, we want to ensure the full satisfaction of our clients. We promise to offer you fair and transparent services, so if something is not up to your satisfaction, we will be glad to hear of it at length.
If it is needed, we will conduct the inspection once again, free of charge.

If you are not satisfied with our work, please contact our customer representative, and we will assist you in resolving your issue.
You may reach out to us at (+042-684-0399/